By recruiting foreign talent ~|| , Singapore || is pursuing || < a policy that | is likely to lead to | a "win-win" situation, and not a "zero-sum" outcome > . 

<root><S connect="" sc="XR011*22" format=""><Chunk cat="1" role="Cn" role_format="" red="" plug="0"> By recruiting foreign talent </Chunk><Chunk cat="0" role="A" role_format="" red="" plug=""> , Singapore </Chunk><Chunk cat="0" role="XR011" role_format="EK" red="" plug=""> is pursuing </Chunk><Chunk cat="0" role="B" role_format="" red="" plug=""><SD cat="1"><S connect="" sc="P21" format=""><Chunk cat="0" role="PBC1" role_format="" red="" plug=""> a policy that </Chunk><Chunk cat="0" role="P21" role_format="EK" red="" plug=""> is likely to lead to </Chunk><Chunk cat="0" role="PBC2" role_format="" red="" plug=""> a "win-win" situation, and not a "zero-sum" outcome </Chunk></S></SD> . </Chunk></S></root>