A Chinese Character Processing in Sentence Category Analysis

SUN Xiong-yong(Signal and Information Processing)

Directed by ZHANG Quan


A Chinese Character is a core which we study. It is difficult to process a Chinese Sentence because of Chinese owns character. The reasons that cause A Chinese Character Processing(CCP) is one of big difficulties include two factors: one is much obstacle arises in Chinese; the other is that it is very easy that a Chinese Character and other words combine to form a new word. From the opinions of the HNC(Hierarchical Network of Concepts) theory, if the new word has the attribute of v, it can decide the sentence category code of the sentence.

Research of CCP is an important constituent of Sentence Category Analysis and its goal is finding the common rules of CCP. So this paper will center on Sentence Category Analysis to launch the research in semantic space.

As to methodology, this dissertation employs mainly induction and statistic method in the part of linguistic depicting, deduction and theoretical explanation in the part of processing rules, and philosophical expiation and analysis in the last part.

According to the requirement of Sentence Category Analysis, CCP has been divided into five parts: Processing of Logic Concept, Processing of Base Noun, Processing of v Concept, Processing of the phrases of time, space and quantity, Processing of Active Language Element.

The main points of the contribution in this dissertation are listed following:

(1)              Adopted the way of Processing a Chinese Character Based on Concept Primitive Symbol System of HNC. The System describes relationship of concepts, and this can help us design the strategy and way of processing a Chinese Character insentences.

(2)              Adopted the way of Processing a Chinese Character Base on Sentence Category of HNC. The object of Sentence Category Analysis is finding the sentence category of a sentence,and the relation between Processing of a Chinese Character verb Concept and the object is very close.

(3)              Defining the Categories of a Chinese Character Processing. It has covered 80% in the area of a Chinese Character Processing.

(4)              Proposed the way of Processing v concept and this improved Sentence Category Analysis. We mainly analysed the character of a new word combines a Chinese Character Verb and other words, then then sum up the rules of processing a Chinese Character Verb.

(5)              Proposed the way of Processing Base Noun and Active Language Element according to the last Chinese Character of a word, and analysed the contribution made to semantic chunk perception,and sum up the rules.


Keywords: Hierarchical Network of Concepts (HNC) theory; Sentence Category annlysis(SCA); A Chinese Character Processing(CCP); the Rules of processing