M.S Diploma Thesis



     Research on HNCí»s Context Situation

       Generation (HNC-CSG)



           Author      Chen Lei

                 Supervisor   Prof. Liu Zhiwen


                      Institute of Acoustics, CAS

                           June. 2000




   Research on Context Situation Generation (CSG) is the first step of HNC research on chapter processing.

   Firstly, the thesis makes clear what is the focus of HNCí»s Context Situation Generation (CSG), introduces the Frame of AI and set up the basic Context Situation Model (žĄ) of narration, which includes subframe Ž┴ of the Object and subframe Ž┬ of the Action.

   Then the thesis mainly introduces the Context Situationí»s classification of HNC, and analysis the importance of classification from several aspects. Context Situation exists in the semantic of words and can be extracted from the description of wordí»s HNC symbol.

    Focused on No1 Context Situation (Professional Activity ), the thesis provides the Generation Algorithm based on Hypothesis ĘC Verification strategy. Using the feature of professional activity ĘCí░professinal person join the professional activityí▒, the Context Situation hypothesis is generated by calculating the Context Situation similitude of Eg-JK, which can also be used to verify the hypothesis. After the Context Situation Frame is made sure, the actural object and action in chapter can be filled into it. In the thesis, above algorithms are provided and examples are showed.   

   At last, the application of Context Situation in several aspects is introduced, including syllable to character transform, disambiguation of multi-sense word , article classification and automatic abstract generation.



Key Words:  HNC Theory  NLP   Context Situation (CS)            Frame